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  • 1000 Lovers

    Brown, Carol; Hannah, Dorita; Scoones, R; Graham, F

    Creative work
    The University of Auckland Library

    Choreography - Carol Brown Design - Dorita Hannah Sound - Russell Scoones Dramaturgy - Fiona Graham Producer - Maximus Smitheram 1000 LOVERS is a performance that moves from sea to city through Auckland???s Wynyard Quarter. A cast of mythical characters ??? Tuna (an eel-man), Hine (his lover), a bride, a widow, and an urban tribe lead this journey. 1000 LOVERS draws its title from Auckland's M??ori name T??maki Makaurau, which translates not only as 'Isthmus of one thousand lovers', but may also be understood as 'T??maki-the bride sought by a hundred suitors'. By re-enacting mythical, historical and everyday stories through music, design and dance the performance reveals hidden narratives and forgotten sites within this urban landscape. 1000 LOVERS follows a walkable route over a 50-minute timeframe, starting at Silo Park and ending on the steps of Karanga Plaza. The sound score provides an additional sensory layer to enhance this experience.

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