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    Herchenbach, Hannah (2015)

    Bachelors with Hnours thesis
    University of Canterbury Library

    The South Island record label Flying Nun has arguably produced some of New Zealand’s most celebrated cultural exports since 1981. Peter Gutteridge is considered a giant in New Zealand music for having a hand in forming some of the label’s most celebrated bands, such as The Clean, The Chills, The Great Unwashed, and Snapper. Yet little of substance has been written about him. There is an emerging historiographical narrative in which both the label and its surrounding music scenes have been mythologised and historicised. An analysis of the shared experiences of those who played with Peter Gutteridge illuminates the differences between the myths of the Dunedin music community and the reality of those who experienced it. Rather than representing a particular place, the Dunedin music community was a fluid group of highly migratory musicians that came from all over New Zealand. Dunedin was a popular base due to having the most fertile economic, geographic and social conditions out of all the regional centres for music as a social practice. Peter’s role within the constructed narrative could be described as that of a trickster, the mythological character whose mediation of oppositions both supports and subverts the myth. His interest in the next generation of musicians also brings the historicised ‘Dunedin Sound’ into the present. This dissertation helps fill an existing gap in New Zealand music and cultural history by contributing 15 semi-structured oral histories with New Zealand musicians who knew Peter Gutteridge between 1978 and 2014. This data was corroborated by articles on the Dunedin music scene in local and international newspapers, niche music magazines and fanzines.

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