Submit Research is a collection of metadata records harvested from New Zealand's institutional repositories. The metadata is harvested each night, and used to build this website. No documents are stored at

How researchers can participate

If you are a researcher at one of the Institutions listed here, and you want your research to appear on, then all you have to do is load your documents into your institutional research repository.

Our browse-by-institution page will allow you to select an institution, search its records, and visit its repository. Your institutions research repository should have a Contact page or About page that will tell you how to start contributing your documents.

Once your documents are loaded into your institutional repository, they will be picked up by our nightly harvests and start appearing in

How research institutions can participate

The short and sweet summary is that if your institution produces high-quality research outputs, and you would like to share it with NZResearch users, please get in touch at - we'd love to hear from you. If your institution fits the description in the bullet-points below, this will be relatively straightforward.

• Research outputs that meet the definition of research adopted by KRIS. Research and development is defined according to the OECD Frascati Manual as 'creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of [humanity], culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications.

• Existing sources of metadata about the documents and other research outputs, or the resources to create metadata according to the KRIS metadata guidelines.

• A commitment to sustaining a research repository or contributing to a shared repository service that is stable and accessible, and that can export metadata using the OAI-PMH protocol (or equivalent).

• Staff with responsibility for managing an institutional repository, or access to a shared repository service with appropriate staffing, and a commitment to the ongoing addition of new content to the repository, as well as the provision of a point of contact for any issues.

What to do if your institution doesn't have a research repository

If your institution doesn't have a research repository, we suggest you ask for one. Start by asking in the Library. You never know what you might achieve.

How to fix errors on

If you find an error in the metadata on, such as a misspelled title or name, then it usually means that there is an error in the original metadata record that has harvested.

The best way to fix it is to follow the link from back to your institutional repository and confirm that the error appears in the source repository. You should then follow your institution's procedure for updating records. You may be able to log in and do this your self, or you may have to email a repository administrator and request a change (if you do have to do this, make sure you make a note of the document's Identifier or URL.

Once your document metadata is corrected in your institutional repository, it will be picked up by our nightly harvests and appear correctly in