Help using this site provides one place to search across the research outputs of New Zealand.

About searching NZResearch

There are several ways to use this site to find information - you can either use a search term, browse through items matching a criteria (eg by institution), or a combination of both refined with additional filters.

A search query is matched against the available metadata we have, which includes the full text of the abstract field. This means that keyword-based search approaches will deliver good results, and using multiple keywords will give you very specific results. Additionally, once any initial search has been done, you can use the available filters down the right-hand side of the page to refine the results list by criteria like Date, Institution, Thesis level, or Author.

About filters

The filters that appear down the right-hand side of search results lists are a way to refine the results that get returned. This can be really handy when you have a really large pool of data to sort, and you know that lots of those results have criteria that don't apply - for example, if you only want masters-level theses, you can filter to just that subset.

Some filters, like Date, for example - display further parameters after you click on them. For example, a search for 'lobster' will provide a pool of results, and the date filter will show that they can be divided into 1900s and 2000s. If you select either of those date ranges, the page will reload with that data, and also then show you a more fine-grained date filter broken down by decade (eg, 1980s and 1990s). If you select a decade, the page will reload with that data and then allow you to filter it by individual years.