Review of the book From Sextants to Satellites: a cartographic timeline for New Zealand, by Brian Marshall

Author: Leaming, Elva

Date: 2006

Publisher: Geological Society of New Zealand

Type: Book review

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The University of Auckland Library


Why a time line for New Zealand cartography? It was a serendipitous idea. The project initially began when the author, Map Librarian at the University of Auckland, was approached by a biological scientist, over the compilation of a chronological listing of events and explorations that had impacted on New Zealand's botanical studies. The daunting task became increasingly detailed, and the author eventually saw the framework of a cartographic time line taking shape. So began this work, which for the delving reader, is as much an entertaining past-time read as it is an important reference work. Maps tell a story in the briefest possible form. This timeline is therefore an organized summary of a far larger story; one of adventure, practical input, hard labour and artistic skill, all which have greatly contributed to the historical mapping of New Zealand and its development as a nation.

Citation: ["Newsletter / Geological Society of New Zealand, 141(November), 39-40. (2006)"]