The Politics of Water Privatisation in Tagbilaran, the Philippines

Author: Fisher, Karen

Date: 2007

Publisher: Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Program

Type: Report

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This paper draws on research from the Philippines to explore the ways in which politics, water resources and water provision are intimately linked. Chapters include: - The Urbanisation of Water and Neoliberalisation of Supply - Public and Private Water Utilities in Tagbilaran City - Politics of Water Pricing and the Buy Back Proposal Water privatisation precipitates the transformation of previously unowned or commonly-owned resources into private ownership and control to the detriment of communities. In this regard, water has become an important resource over which national and global neoliberal policies are tested and has affected how people relate to and are able to access water, with the poor and other marginal groups likely to be disadvantage.

Citation: ["Resource Management in Asia-Pacific Working Paper (Working Paper 67, 2007). 23 pages 2007"]