Automatic Optimal View Determination for Cardiac Acquisitions

Author: O'Donnell, T; Cowan, Brett; Young, AA

Date: 2004-11-08

Type: Patent

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A method, system, and apparatus of determining optimal viewing planes for cardiac image acquisition, wherein the method includes acquiring a set of sagittal, axial, and coronal images of a heart, where the axial and coronal images intersect with the sagittal image orthogonally, and where the heart has a natural axis and a left ventricle (???LV???) with a bloodpool, a bloodpool border, and an apex. The method also includes making a map of the bloodpool border, and using the map to create a full coordinate frame oriented along the natural axis.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO/2004/107273 (WIPO). Application number: PCT/US2004/016703. Filed date: 27 May 2004. Publication/Application date: 09 Dec 2004. Publication/Awarded date: 08 Nov 2004"]