Methods of increasing radiosensitivity using inhibitors of trefoil factor 1 (TFF1)

Author: Lobie, Peter; Perry, Johanna

Date: 2012

Type: Patent

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The invention relates generally to the use of inhibitors of TTF1 to increase radiosensitivity of tumors and other cells. The invention provides methods of inhibiting proliferation or survival of a tumor cell; methods of treating, delaying the progression of, preventing a relapse of, or alleviating a symptom of a cancer or other neoplastic condition; methods increasing sensitivity of a tumor cell to radiotherapy; methods of enhancing or supplementing an anti-cancer therapy in a subject that is receiving or has been administered radiotherapy; and methods of inhibiting one or more activity or function of a TFF1 - stimulated cancer stem cell.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: WO 2012/038825 A2 (United States). Application number: IB2011/002397. Filed date: 21 Sep 2011."]