Jet injector use in oral evaluation

Author: Hunter, IW; Chen, Y; Hogan, NC; Ruddy, BP

Date: 2012

Type: Patent

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A tooth treatment device includes a detector that detects a marker of oral health and a fluid ejector that ejects fluid against teeth in response to the detected marker. The device can include a housing configured to be held on hand, the fluid ejector being positioned at an end of the housing. The fluid may include a liquid, a medicant, a cleansing solution, cleaning particles, or any combination thereof. The medicant can include any combination of a chelating agent, fluoride, a fluorescent dye, a bacterial specific probe, and a biochemical specific biomarker. Further, the device can include a servo controller controlling pressure of ejected fluid in response to the detected marker and a sensed surface condition, latter including for example, a mechanical property of tissue. The device may include a pressure sensor that senses pressure of the fluid in the ejector. Also included may be a distance sensor that senses distance of the ejector from a tissue surface. The surface condition may be sensed using the sensed pressure, sensed distance, or any combination thereof. In some embodiments, the fluid ejector comprises a stationary magnet assembly providing a magnetic field and a coil assembly, slidably disposed with respect to the magnet assembly, the coil assembly driving ejection of the fluid jet. A method of tooth treatment includes detecting a marker of oral health and controlling ejection of a fluid jet against the tooth responsive to the detected marker. In some embodiments, detecting the marker includes detecting plaque and the ejection is controlled to clean the plaque. Detecting the marker can include collecting a sample from an oral cavity.

Citation: ["Application number: 12/969280. Filed date: 15 Dec 2010. Publication/Application date: 05 Jan 2012"]