Using the Internet to teach health informatics

Author: Parry, David; Breton, Alice; Abernethy, David; Cockcroft, Sophie; Gillies, John

Date: 1999-12

Publisher: University of Otago

Type: Working or discussion paper

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University of Otago


Since July 1998 we have been teaching an Internet-based distance learning course in health informatics. The development of this course and the experiences we have had running it are described in this paper. The course was delivered using paper materials, a face-to-face workshop, a CD-ROM and Internet communication tools. We currently have about 30 students around New Zealand, a mixture of physicians, nurses and other health staff. Some teaching methods have worked, some haven't, but in the process we have learned a number of valuable lessons.

Subjects: distance learning, healthcare, Internet, CD-ROM, R Medicine (General), LB2300 Higher Education, QA76 Computer software

Citation: ["Parry, D., Breton, A., Abernethy, D., Cockcroft, S., & Gillies, J. (1999). Using the Internet to teach health informatics (Information Science Discussion Papers Series No. 99/27). University of Otago. Retrieved from"]