Waitohi Dairy Factory Ltd : disposal of effluent by spray-irrigation on pasture

Author: O'Byrne, Thos. N.

Date: 1981

Publisher: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

Type: Report

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The amalgamation of three dairy factories and the pooling of milk supplies at the Waitohi dairy factory at Tuamarina has resulted in increased quantities of effluent for disposal. It is proposed to disperse the effluent by spray-irrigation on land adjoining a major bend of the Wairau River. Two properties have been surveyed, one to the north of the river bend farmed by Hall's which has a narrow strip of wetlands along its northern rim in association with poorly drained soils. The other to the east of the bend, is farmed by Tuckerman. By extrapolation, the soils are considered to belong to the Rapaura series (Harris & Birrell 1939) though they have pale colours and appear to be low in humus content. They are deep, fertile soils formed from recent alluvial fines and are well drained. The vegetative cover is improved pasture and crops, including oats.

Subjects: Soils, Sewage disposal, New Zealand, Marlborough

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