Allophane and ferrihydrite concentrations in New Zealand soils : data related to the proposed amorphic mineralogy class

Author: Childs, C. W.

Date: 1987

Publisher: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

Type: Report

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A new Amorphic mineralogy class has been proposed for soil classification. The Amorphic Class requires (8Si0 + 2Fe0 ) (approximately representing allophane/imogolite plus ferrihydrite concentration) to be greater than 5.0% on the basis of a weighted mean. The values of (8Si0 + 2Fe0 ) (>1%) have been tabulated for soil profiles listed on the NZ Soil Bureau Soils Database as at 30 October 1986 to help assess whether the 5.0% boundary is appropriate. The 'control section' used was 25 cm to 100 cm or to a lithic or paralithic contact if shallower. Values obtained are listed both in order of concentration and in order of NZ Soil Bureau Profile Number.

Subjects: Iron oxides, Soil mineralogy, New Zealand

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