Computing student views on sustainability: a snapshot

Author: Lopez, D.; Lopez, M.

Date: 2010

Publisher: CPIT

Type: Conference item

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Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology


UNESCO launched the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development for 2005-2014 with the aim of integrating Education doe Sustainable Development (ESD) into all aspects of education and learning. The motivation for this study was to inform our decisions on embedding ESD into our teaching. Incoming computing students (n=116) were surveyed to capture their viewd on sustaunability before they engaged in formal learning and these views were compared to those of computing students at another institution. The study explored views on the relevance of sustainability to their study, sustainability [riorities and knowledge, possible actions they could take, their capacity to take these actions and make a difference, and how they would deal with a challenging scenario. Students were pro-ecological but did not believe they had the capability to make a difference. Significant variation was found in attitudes and cvalues across the various ethnicities in our sample, suggesting that careful consideration should be given to this aspect. This study adds to the emerging body of knowledge around sustainability perceptions and values of incoming students and informs curriculum for the embedding of ESD into education and learning.

Citation: ["Lopez, D. & Lopez, M. (2010). Computing student views on sustainability: a snapshot. In Proceedings of the 1st Annual Conference of Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand (pp. 107-120). Hamilton, New Zealand: CITRENZ."]