Energy Cultures Policy Briefs

Author: Stephenson, J; Barton, B; Carrington, G; Hopkins, D; Lavelle, M.J; Lawson, R; Rees, D; Scott, M; Thorsnes, P; Walton, S; Wooliscroft, B

Date: 2016-02

Publisher: University of Otago: Centre for Sustainability

Type: Report

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University of Otago


Launched in 2012, the Energy Cultures Project is led by the Centre for Sustainability at the University of Otago and aims to develop knowledge and tools to achieve a sustainable energy transition across New Zealand. The Energy Cultures 2 Project focuses on efficiency transitions in three domains: households, businesses and transport systems.These policy briefs are an output of the Energy Cultures 2 research programme, funded 2012-2016 by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The purpose of these briefs is to assist with the design of improved policies and practices to promote more efficient energy use in households, businesses and transport in New Zealand.

Subjects: Energy Cultures; energy use; energy transition; energy efficiency; fuel poverty; electric vehicles

Citation: ["Stephenson, J., Barton, B., Carrington, G., Hopkins, D., Lavelle, M. ., Lawson, R., … Wooliscroft, B. (2016). Energy Cultures Policy Briefs (Project Report). University of Otago: Centre for Sustainability. Retrieved from"]

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