Process control of an industrial plant

Author: Taylor, Mark; Chen, John

Date: 2017-06-13

Type: Patent

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A system 10 for controlling an industrial plant 12 comprises automatic control equipment 14 comprising a plurality of measurement sensors 16 for sensing predetermined variables associated With components of the industrial plant 12. The sensors 1 6 generate measured data relating to operation of the components of the industrial plant 12. A database 20 contains operational data, including observational data, regarding the industrial plant 12. A processor 18 is in communication With the automatic control equipment 14 and the database 20 for receiving the measured data from the sensors 16 of the automatic control equipment 14 and the operational data from the database 20. The processor 18 manipulates the measured and operational data to provide an evolving description of a pro cess condition of each component over time, along With output information relating to operational control of the industrial plant 12 and for updating the database 20.

Citation: ["Patent/Trademark number: US 9,678,502 B2 (United States). Application number: US 14/254,480. Patent/Trademark status: Granted. Publication/Application date: 16 Apr 2014. Publication/Awarded date: 13 Jun 2017"]